If you are like so many others, you have tried numerous diets, diet pills and exercise routines in a combination of some or all of these. You may have even tried using intermittent fasting for weight loss. Eat Stop Eat is a weight loss and body fat burning program using it for weight reduction, that when done properly can help you finally shed unwanted pounds and fat.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

When you change your eating habits and patterns, your body notices. If you eat too much, you gain weight. Eat less, you lose weight. At least that is what most diet plans are based on. However, as a lot of recent research points out, people yo-yo because they are not able to sustain most diet plans.

Eat Stop Eat teaches an intermittent fasting that is just that, intermittent. It can change your body and help you get healthier. It becomes a “life style” that change because not only do you learn to eat better, but allows you to through away that calorie count for food. Fasting, done correctly is found to be good for your body and many people say they feel so much healthier when using this plan.

You start your day with good breakfast followed by a lunch. At first, you finish your day with a small dinner, but after getting used to smaller amounts of food in the evening, you can actually eliminate dinner altogether. This method actually helps to burn fat and build lean muscle. That is what you want because it is the muscle that helps raise your resting metabolic rate and allows your body to burn more fat.

We have been taught that eating smaller meals, perhaps 5 to 6 a day is a better way to diet. However, this can also promote a chronically elevated insulin level which leads to fat storage particularly as we age. When you use Intermittent Fasting to lose weight you still have to pay attention to the type of food you do eat. The Fasting, when you learn the correct way as in Eat Stop Eat, teaches you that you need to eat a healthy diet without the need for diet foods, diet pills or supplements.

Benefits For Losing Weight?

When you fast, you force your body to use “stored energy” in the form of fat. One benefit of Fasting is your body learns to better regulate “insulin” and avoid the typical insulin resistance many of use suffer, especially women. Why do you think most diet plans tell you to avoid snacking at night and/or make sure you finish your dinner before 8 PM? It is because they know losing weight involves trying to break the insulin resistance most people have and even that short term of “fasting” helps you to lose weight!

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss does not involve “starvation”. You will eat healthy and during the 1 or 2 days you are fasting you will find your body adjusts to not having food. In fact, people who use this method find they feel better, have more energy and are able to concentrate better, not to mention the many benefits of losing body fat.

Here are some of the Benefits of following the Eat Stop Eat Diet as described in Eat Stop Eat:

  • You can forget about all having to plan out your meals and snacks you need for the day.
  • You will not go into starvation mode and your metabolism will actually benefit from short term fasting.
  • You can “break” your food addiction, which is the true cause for you to get cranky or feel light headed.
  • You don’t have to avoid restaurants or meals with friends and family because your “dieting”. With intermittent fasting you can plan to fast on another day or two of the week.
  • You will boost your fat burning hormones and lose weight.

These are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy when you try intermittent fasting. After exhaustive research, I believe the Eat Stop Eat plan is a great and informative way to try it for reducing your weight.

Is Eat Stop Eat for Me?

This is not rocket science. It is however, a comprehensive study of the health benefits to intermittent fasting. It is simple to use and follow. The creator of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon, created this plan as an ”Anti-Diet” for those who are sick and tired of measuring out food, trying to figure out calories and STILL not losing any of the weight. Easy to use, flexible, feel better and weight loss is a winning combination to me.