Coughing is one of the effects of frequent change in the weather. For some who have weak immune system, coughing can be very inconvenient and disturbing. There are some people who still go for the cough home remedies, but others believe in the power of medication. In spite of the modern age, home remedies can still be considered as natural. This is the reason why many people still believe that home remedies are more effective than medicines.

For some who want to try home remedies for a cough, here are some of the simple remedies:

1. The most common among the many home remedies for a cough is the intake of fluids especially water. Experts recommend drinking at least six glasses of fluids in a day. In addition to water, herbal teas and fruit juices are also acceptable home remedies for a cough.

2. Mixing carbonated water or cold soda in a half cup of boiling milk is also one of the effective remedies.

3. If you are into herbal methods, boil two cups of water and put five cloves of garlic. Before drinking it, remove the cloves of garlic.

4. One of the many remedies is mixing egg yolk in one tablespoon of hot milk and sugar. Mix it well before drinking it.

5. Aside from the different home remedies that involves liquids, honey is also a popular ingredient. Normally, it is being mixed with other ingredients.

6. Honey can be mixed in a grapefruit juice.

7. Lemon grass juice and honey can also be mixed then consumed well.

8. Though it is not common to all, one of the remedies is honey mixed with a few drops brandy.

9. Aloe juice and honey are also a good combination to remove coughing.

10. Carrot juice and honey mixed with warm water are also one of the good treatment options.

There are times that home remedies are proven to be more effective than medicines; therefore, the effectiveness should not be underestimated.